Lisanne Haack (*1994, Porto Alegre, Brazil) is a visual abstract expressionist artist. She moved from Brazil to Germany in 2014 with the intention to expand and grow in the creative environment. The artist studied Arts and Multimedia as well as Interior Architecture and Graphic Design. She also studied one year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany. Through practices and assistances in diverse work areas, she brought her smooth linear organic forms from the architectural to the artistic world. Currently in Spain, she intends to develop her art in a warmer and more colorful environment. Deconstructing her contemporary artwork with the focus on organic edgeless forms. In her creative process, she uses a wet-on-wet technique, being the canvas her mix instrument to work with the colors and forms created from the expressionist brush strokes. With the addition of layers, the transparency in some of the pieces is important to keep the viewer captivated in it. The artist works mostly with oil painting and oil pastels, but past works shows also acrylic, pastels, pencil and gesso being used. Lisanne’s artistic style doesn’t stop in the traditional world, her organic colorful forms entered new digital creations, using softwares to sculpt the pieces and bring her physical creations to a 3D digital world. In this new digital Era, she is continuously trying to mix both traditional and digital fields, interacting and changing the way how to collect art. One of the best examples is her recent project: #LisArtPuzzle, in which the collector combines an amount of 3D interactive pieces and when completed – or even new combined, gives you the original physical painting.


Interviews and Articles

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2022 plans:



Focused on a new serie, Catalysis, in which she explores the possibilities of digital art even deeper. With a very similar technique used in her recent oil paintings, the pieces are created with a numerous number of layers, giving older paintings – not ever seen before, together with new creations, a whole new purpose. A subject commonly discussed is the upcycling from materials, and why not do that with art? Read about the project here.


Soon introducing her first drop with her own smart contract powered by Manifold, a serie of digital native paintings, pushing the boundaries of how "real" a digital piece can also be, using techniques from the traditional world, the collections is full of colors, textures and expressionistic brush strokes.



Adding to the projects above, she will continue her series on the Solana blockchain, bringing the best of her digital native paintings. On the Tezos space there will be a new experiment involving glitched animations upon the digital paintings and continue her minimalistic serie currently sold out on Objkt.com.


Q2 and Q3

Together with the digital paintings, she is working on a new 3D serie that will be curated on Dissrup. The term “phygital” is being more and more used in the art platforms and with this thought, her new 3D organic creations will have one special factor used on them: her physical textures and together with the digital sculpture, the collector will receive the painting used on it.



The focus will be put on a 3D phase exchange: physical painting goes to 3D digital creation goes to physical sculpture creation, closing a cycle. What began as a 2D texture from my oil painting and was used on a digital 3D creation will come back to the physical world as a printed sculpture from it. Details will be announced after the first pieces are created and successful dropped.

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