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Lisanne Haack (b. 1994, Brazil) is an expressionistic artist who works with color, line, composition, and form in her exuberant paintings. Currently based in Spain, she creates physical and digital oil paintings. She continuously blends the traditional and digital fields by making fully digitally native work and also introducing elements of her physical paintings into her digital. With a background in graphic design, interior design, and architecture, Haack strives for aesthetic resonance in her work. Her digital artwork has been exhibited in Spain, France, Germany, Norway, and the United States. Haack’s physical and digital artwork is in private collections worldwide.

Group exhibitions

05/2021 – Opening Exhibition – imnotArt NFT Gallery – Chicago, USA
06/2021 – Exhibition in Store – Perlenvordiesau – Munich, Germany
10/2021 – Arts and Wine exhibition – Villa Flora – Munich, Germany
12/2021 – Opening Exhibition – BlueBird NFT Gallery – Oslo, Norway
05/2022 – Organikka Exhibition – Palau Dalmases – Barcelona, Spain
06/2022 – Event Exhibition – Hacker House Solana – Barcelona, Spain
07/2022 – Event Exhibition – Hacker House Solana – Paris, France
07/2022 and 08/2022 – Opening Exhibition – Exchangeart Gallery – Southhampton, USA
01-03/11/2022 – Event Exhibition – Hacker House Solana – Lisbon, Portugal
01/12/2022 – Event NFTs: Bagatelle or Art? – Art Basel Miami, USA

Interviews and Articles

Let's get physical Gallery

Digital gallery to exhibit the physical paintings minted on Exchange Art 


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