This project was created so people can take an extra minute and look more into the forms and colors found in abstract pieces. Each puzzle piece is different, unique, some have more vibrance, others more transparency, other maybe more lines.

There are 4 different sizes of puzzles (XS, S, M, L) based on the physical oil paintings and a total of 22 puzzles. Complete a puzzle and you will receive the NFT GLTF/GLB file of the whole piece airdroped, with that you can showcase it in VR however and wherever you like. Together with the completed puzzle NFT you will get a PNG file to add to your PFP if wanted. Also, by completing a puzzle you will receive the physical oil painting that the 3D piece was based on, shipped worldwide.

Visit the website of the project  here.


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abstract worlds

Art in all kinds of forms took over the world, immersing in and between nature through its own colors and forms, creating a new environment full of abstractionism. Art finally came back to life. The pieces were sculpted in Zbrush, texturized in Substance Painter, edited and rendered in Blender, final touches in Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can see and purchase them at  KnownOrigin

(de)construction (sold out)

Abstract art doesn’t only work with the deconstruction of the visual, but also with the feelings. Focusing on how the colors and lightning react with each other, this new series gives you not only the option of seeing a canvas from all sides but also being able to see through it. The pieces are sculpted in Zbrush, texturized in Substance Painter, animated and rendered in Blender, final touches on Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can see them at  KnownOrigin

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interactive objects (sold out)

A serie of interactive organic abstract objects, created on Zbrush and Blender. Control and move the artistic object how you like it.

You can see them at  Foundation

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it's art 

For this serie, she kept the brush strokes from the traditional technique and used it digitally. The second phase was to implement the 3D forms. The whole concept of her digital art is to bring her paintings back to life. The painting is coming out of the canvas. The brush strokes created its own form but continues in the 2D realm. In this series, you can see the same colorful creations from Lisanne's traditional paintings with an extra detail: depth. These pieces exist only digitally and includes an unlockable content (GLTF of the painting to showcase on the Metaverse). 

You can see and purchase them at  KnownOrigin

painting collection (secondary)

One of her first sculpting 3D based on my physical oil paintings, interactive object (GLTF file) from early 2021. There will not be another serie like that, making this early creations even more rare.

You can see and purchase them on secondary market at  Objkt.com 

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